Turn Your Stress Into Success.

We know that when stress becomes chronic, we start experiencing a lack of energy and sleep. Some of us will even start to see symptoms like weight gain, digestive disorders, migraine headaches, anxiety, panic disorders, hypertension… and even more serious health issues like heart disease or diabetes!

But most of us are so busy trying to hold it all together, that we learn to survive with the pain. And when we’re desperate enough to actually seek help, a stress diagnosis leaves us feeling alone, frustrated, and even more worried about how to fix it.

It’s impossible to eliminate stress in today’s fast paced world…and trying to ignore, suppress or fight stress often just makes it worse!

What if I told you stress is actually a catalyst for good?

Stress is a natural response in your body, which is meant to HELP you. When working properly, it enables you to deal with an immediate demand more effectively.

New scientific research shows that stress is only bad for you if you believe it’s bad for you. The REAL problem is that most people don’t know how to use stress as a catalyst for positive change.

I used to think stress was to blame for my lack of energy, sleep issues, migraines, and even my weight fluctuations, because my work was so consuming, and I had no time... it was a vicious cycle.

I didn’t want to be sentenced to medications for the rest of my life, so I was intent on finding a better solution. Thanks to the research I’ve discovered and work I’ve done with amazing doctors and neuroscientists, I can share information that could help you turn your stress into success.


The physiology of stress and the different types of stress and stressors.


How (and why!) your body responds to stress the way it does. AND how your thoughts and beliefs influence the impact of stress.


Ways to deal with stress much differently in the future, to use stress as a force for good!

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Vicki with mentor John Assaraf, New York Times Best Selling Author, Chairman & CEO

Vicki came to life coaching after spending more than 20 years as a leader in the corporate world. As a former business executive, she served as the Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Newport Beach & Company, where she was responsible for marketing at offices in the U.S., U.K., China, and Australia. She is a Certified Destination Management Executive - a certification held by fewer than 500 people in the world. Vicki received the Award of Excellence from the Mayor of Los Angeles during her time at Los Angeles Tourism. At ATA Airlines, she negotiated major sponsorship deals with the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, music events, and cultural events. Vicki started her career and spent a decade with the Indiana Pacers NBA Basketball Team. When she left Newport Beach and Company, she parlayed her experience into creating an executive development consulting firm. Vicki teaches courses and workshops on work-life balance, she is a keynote speaker, and has appeared on news, tv, and radio shows and contributes to top online blogs. In 2103, she became a published author in the book, No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance.

Turn Your Stress Into Success

  • Identify how stress is impacting your life and health
  • Get breakthrough ideas how stress and your thoughts are connected
  • Create a new perspective by changing your thoughts
  • Discover keys to greater energy and better health
  • Connect with your own inner wisdom and take control of your life

The plan we develop together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR and EASY to follow. You will understand the next steps. I know that if we work together, you’ll see big changes – FAST.

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